The best and brightest shine at Foxstar The best and brightest shine at Foxstar


Star – it’s right there in the name, because that’s what we do at Foxstar. Make stars. Whether you’re looking to enter the entertainment industry, or you’re looking for talent for TV or magazine shoots, at Foxstar we have the tools, the resources and the experience to make it happen.

As one of Johannesburg’s leading character agencies, our reputation is built on turning faces into models and campaigns into successes. So if you want to be a star, or book a star, there’s only one place to start. FOXSTAR!

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Here is a sneak preview into our hundreds of faces
The entertainment industry can be a tough place. That’s why in order to not only survive, but thrive, you need a team that doesn’t just recognise talent, but can guide, mentor and mould it into star quality. That’s where Foxstar comes in – a model and talent management agency that for years has shone as one of Johannesburg’s best and brightest.
Based in Randpark Ridge, our specialty lies in placing character models, commercial extras, upmarket faces and even hand models too, all on a daily basis. And because our talent is so popular with clients, we’re always looking for new, fresh faces for our books – all ages, all backgrounds and all walks of life.
Thanks to our dedicated team of experts, Foxstar has grown exponentially since opening its doors, both in members and in clients as well. Which is why it’s become the agency of choice for both models and industry professionals alike. Because at Foxstar, entertainment isn’t just something we do, it’s something we live – with passion, with enthusiasm, and with our own brand of sparkle.










The Foxstar Wranglers

Managing a shoot can be like herding cats – unless you have a take-no-prisoners team like our Foxstar wranglers, of course.







Looking to book a character, model or extra for your shoot? Then you’re looking for one of our talented Foxies! We’ve streamlined the booking process to make it as easy as possible for you – just take a look below and get ready to take your pick of our professional crop.

  1. To begin the booking process, simply email us a detailed brief with your requirements – the more specific the better.
  2. As soon as your brief has been received, one of our bookers will contact you to confirm your requirements.
  3. Our bookers will then find the most suitable candidate for your project according to your exact specifications, and in as quick a turnaround time as possible.
  4. The artist, can either send you a self-tape, meet you on ZOOM or WhatsApp Video call, or attend your casting for an audition or callback, by appointment.
  5. Should you choose to book the artist, you will be sent a full booking sheet with all of their relevant information, including their ID number, SARS tax reference number, contact number and sizes.
  6. Once the call details have been received, we will brief the artist accordingly.
  7. Should you require a booking of 10 or more artists, one of our wranglers will bring them to you on shoot day at the pre-arranged time, help you to sign them in, and hand them over to you.
  8. Additionally our wranglers are able to remain on set to help with any further requirements throughout the day, for an additional fee. Our bookers will schedule this request upon a formal booking being made, and will invoice for this charge separately
  9. COVID Protocols:
    We follow the guidelines as set out by the CPA. As well as the guidelines given to us by each production company, which is in most part is very similar to the CPA.
    We have started educating our talent on the protocols as set out by the CPA. We have also included a few extras in order to make your lives easier.Further to CPA guidelines:

    • Faces masks to be worn at all times. Only to be taken off when directed to on camera
    • Have good personal hygiene & wash hands regularly
    • Take own pen & water bottle
    • Where / if possible take private transport
    • No physical contact – ie hugging / holding hands
    • Keep 2m distance from others
    • Do own hair and make-up unless booked as lead.
    • Take own wardrobe options.
    • Complete health questionnaire and or indemnity before arriving on set
  • Castings – at the moment we are doing self-tapes for features, and a select few shortlisted are being sent to call backs. – casting directors / production house, if required.
      • Casting for extras off pictures.
      • Self-tapes will be sent to you via we transfer. An Intro video and audition video, included will be a selfie and ZCARD.
  • Transport – where possible artists to use private transport – otherwise public transport / clients can collect from homes – or uber cast to set
  • Studio Shoots – all protocols as set out by productions – waiting area  outside spaced out. Masks at all times. Only take masks off when being used on camera.
  • Location Shoots– all protocols as set out by productions – waiting area  outside spaced out. Masks at all times. Only take masks off when being used on camera.
  • Catering – packed lunches to be provided by production. We have suggested cast bring own packed lunch. Space out lunch times, so social distancing can be practiced. This to be clarified by production before shoot day – re supplying or asking cast to bring.
  • Wardrobe – own wardrobe options to be taken  – no sharing of wardrobe. If required to be wardrobed – strict wardrobe protocols to be practiced by the wardrobe department as set out by CPA.


Get in touch with us directly for any queries:

Landline: 011 791 0010 | 011 025 3993






How To Become A Foxie

If you’ve always wanted to work in showbiz, then Foxstar wants to work with you! We’re constantly on the lookout for new faces, extras, characters and models of every age and background – and you could be next. Take the first step towards a new and exciting career today, and become part of the Foxstar family!

  1. To begin the joining process, simply email two recent, clear photographs of yourself (one full length shot and one head shot) to Please note that images sent via WhatsApp or text cannot be accepted.
  2. Once your photographs have been received, we will contact you with further details on how to become a Foxstar member. We urge you to read the welcoming guide and application that will be emailed to you.
  3. If, after sending your photographs to Foxstar, you don’t hear back from us within 48 hours, please contact us on 011 025 3993 or email Please note that we reserve the right to accept or decline any potential members at our discretion.




Client Contact Info

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Artist Contact Info

To become a Foxie or for any casting queries, please contact us on: